Bridal / Wedding Photography

We don't have a lot of preset packages for weddings. No two weddings are ever the same, and from my experience no two brides want the same things when it comes to their photography. Weddings are a ton of work. We love shooting them, but it's not an easy job. Every image you receive will have been individually inspected down to the smallest detail. On average, for every hour I spend shooting a wedding there will be roughly 10 hours of post production. We have one fleeting second sometimes, to capture that special shot. And we don't miss. We will use two or three cameras to shoot a typical wedding... more if you want a second shooter.  There is normally one camera in a balcony or other location that we control with a radio transmitter. It allows us to get photos of your special moments from different perspectives at the exact moment they occur.  

We prefer to sit down with each potential bride/groom and discuss their needs. We will then come up with a custom quote based on the amount of time required for the wedding/reception, and any prints or products you want to purchase.  We have a large variety of custom albums, books, prints and wall art available in dozens of styles and sizes. We can also decide if you want engagement photos, or a separate session of the bride in her gown. Everything is customized to your specific needs.   If you're looking for a base price, it would be $1500, include about 4 hours of photography, and a disk of 200-300 completed images. Additional time during the wedding day is generally billed at $200/hour. We can add on as little or as much as you want from there; up to and including your entire day, from before you leave for the church until you ride off into the sunset.  We'll sit down with you and figure out exactly how we can serve you best. You will find others who will do this work for less, but they won't do it as well.  Don't take that chance on photos and moments that can never be recreated.

Engagement Photos / Bridal Sessions / Post Wedding Photos

These supplemental sessions are generally 2 hours long at your choice of locations. You can make as many wardrobe changes as your time allows and even choose multiple locations or settings if they are in close proximity. These photo  sessions are $200, include 20-30 images with print release and 3 prints of your choice, (2-8x10's and 1-16x20)